Mission 429 Report - What is Holding You Back?


Another evening, more great encounters during our MISSION 429 week.

It has been amazing to see how God has moved us to different places and has created unique encounters every evening. As we debriefed last evening it was so good to hear the hearts of our church members so encouraged to be partnering with God in touching lives and families. These encounters are sowing seeds and bringing blessings literally around the world as we encounter people from every tribe and nation right here in Harrisonburg.

It occurred to me that we have taken lots of short term mission trips to many countries around the world. In a typical short term trip we would raise funds, pack suitcases, fly to a distant location and end up doing exactly what we are doing here every evening. Meeting people, praying with them, sharing our stories ...

If you are one of those who just can't imagine yourself reaching out in this way, may I encourage you to re-consider. It is GOD who opens the doors. It is the Holy Spirit who leads the way, and it is simply the LOVE Jesus has placed within us that reaches out and makes a difference. 

YOU can be a part, whether you believe it or not. So many who have come have repeated these sentiments.

I can not believe how easy it is to share with people.
It is amazing to see the smiles and the hearts that are being warmed by God's grace.
I was so scared my first evening. Now it is becoming so natural. (After just two evenings)

And there are many more thoughts. I want to personally invite you to consider coming and joining us one of the remaining evenings: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. 

MISSION 429 continues tonight, beginning at 7 PM at the church and expecting God to lead us to more opportunities to spread His love and His light. 

Hope to see you this evening,

Pastor Kevin

 MISSION 429 Crew debriefing last evening.

MISSION 429 Crew debriefing last evening.