Mission 429 Report


What a great first night for MISSION 429.

We had twenty-three brave souls show up to pray, discern and go out to where God was leading us. Our teams went to many locations including the E.R. at Sentara, Wendy's, the square downtown, Target, Walmart and other locations finding folks who were open to ministry. 

After returning to the church we did a quick debrief to share stories and experiences. Praise God that over 20 souls were blessed with a prayer, or a word of encouragement, with the Word of God spoken boldly over their lives. 

We'll continue tonight, beginning at 7 PM at the church and expecting God to lead us to more opportunities to spread His love and His light. 

Hope to see you this evening,

Pastor Kevin

 Debrief time after a night of ministry.

Debrief time after a night of ministry.