The Time for Talk is Over

On Sunday, I shared a dream/vision that I felt the Holy Spirit had given me for the last week in July. (Actually, to be honest, it's a dream that doesn't have a timeframe ... but that is for another time.)

Here is what I would like you each to consider. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of a short term mission team TO HARRISONBURG this Summer? During the week of July 23 to July 28, I am calling the church together each evening. Our purpose will be to pray, hear from Holy Spirit, and to GO where He leads us to pray for and minister to people throughout the community.  

I was so grateful that 21 persons indicated they'd like to join in this special week. Perhaps you would like to join as well? I'm including a 2 minute clip from Sunday so that you can review what I was calling for. If you're interested in being a part, please click below and let us know. 

I believe ... no, I KNOW that there is much more that God wants to do in and through us as we depend on His Holy Spirit for anointing and for guidance in ministry. Let's do this!

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