Downgrading Goals to Desires and Experiencing Freedom

Is it possible that we are not experiencing the full and abundant life simply because we've set the wrong GOALS for our life? 

On Sunday, I shared with you some principles on what ought to and what should NOT be our goals in life. Simply put, God gives us ONE goal. That is, to grow in character and be LIKE Jesus. It is a goal that is solely dependent on US and doesn't depend on anyone else to accomplish. 

Anytime our goals are "blockable" by someone else, or are undefined, or are impossible, we're bound for anger, frustration, anxiety and even depression. 

Embracing God's goal will give you a new perspective and allow you to walk through trials and struggles with the main focus of becoming like Jesus. 

What are your goals in life? Are they beyond what you can accomplish in yourself? If so, they may need to be downgraded to desires. Desires can be let go of if needed. Goals are something you hold onto and continue to press toward no matter what. 

Sermon audio/video is coming later this week, but go ahead and consider the following

"Take it Home":

  1. What do I believe? Fill it out and think about it.
  2. RECOGNIZE any blocked goals - evaluate and re-arrange priorities.
  3. Ask a friend to pray with you about Anger, Anxiety, or Depression - discover God’s plan for each.

 Click the form to download and print.

Click the form to download and print.