Walking In Freedom

On Sunday, we reviewed two main areas where we need to learn to walk in Freedom. Dealing with personal issues (stronghold busting) and dealing with others (relationships).

Going to a seminar, praying a prayer, even being "born again" do not make us automatically free in our actions. Walking in Freedom is the result of a maturing in character. And our character matures as we decide to continue the process of becoming who we have been made to be in Jesus!

Too often, we are looking to other people, programs, ministries, etc that will instantaneously make us more like Christ. The truth is, the process is ongoing and we need each other in order to effectively grow in character and in Christ-likeness. 

You alone can do it, but you can't do it alone.

Sermon video/audio is coming soon for your review. (You can watch the FB Live video here.) Let's all continue to pray with/for each other. Believing that God is at work setting us free from our past, from our brokenness, from our patterns, from our sin, so that HE will receive much glory and many others will be drawn to him because of the testimony He is creating within us. 

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Walk in His Freedom,

Pastor Kevin

Taking it Home:

  1. 21 Day devotional by Rich Miller and Neil Anderson - Walking in Freedom
  2. If you have a sin-confess issue … get accountability. (Support, Encouragement and Accountability)
  3. If you have had particularly traumatic experiences
    1. See a counselor and share with closest trusted friends
    2. If you’re not sure if yours are traumatic - ask
  4. Consider the ministry of Isaiah 61