The Daily Choice We Make

What is the opposite of "natural" when thinking of the Christian life? Some would say, "supernatural", but in reality, the opposite of "natural" is "spiritual". And those opposites are precisely the choice we are able to make every day when we have put our faith in Jesus. The choice is up to us. Will we choose the Spirit or the flesh in daily activity and decisions? In Christ, you are empowered to overcome and live "In the Spirit". My prayer is that you and I and every believer will grow more and more in our daily decision making. To pursue a life in the Spirit that glorifies God and draws others to Jesus. 

If you missed the sermon on Sunday, you can listen/watch here. You can also download the notes here.

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Taking it Home:

  1. Choose EVERY DAY to walk in the SPIRIT.
  2. Ask others to tell you what they see in you. What choices do they see you making?
  3. Allow the Spirit to show you personal and spiritual offenses you’re holding onto and which are blocking you from choosing the Spirit more freely.