Remembering God's Faithfulness: Purim

Remembering Purim

Purim is celebrated today and tomorrow. Esther was willing to risk her own life on behalf of God's people, and the Jewish people were spared because of it. In the celebration of Purim, we remember God's faithfulness, God's protection, and God's provision for His people throughout History. 

As you remember today, re-read the story in the book of Esther, and consider taking some time to pray these prayers:

  1. Thanking God for provision and protection for His people and in your own life.
  2. Ask God to turn your heart more fully to him and his ways and to reveal areas where you are holding back from allowing Him this access.
  3. Seek God for His purposes in the church today; that we would be willing to stand ever more faithfully for Him and to be the people who intercede on behalf of our own nation which stands in need of His grace and mercy and forgiveness.