What's Happening at the River

Change is in the Air

If you are observant to any degree you've probably noticed some changes in our Front Door ministry (Now called First Impressions Ministry) as well as our ushering. This team is the first team we're really working at to implement some of the principles we've been learning through the 24 to Double Discipleship program. 

For some of you, these shifts will be felt more than others because you have been actively involved in the past or are currently involved in these ministries. For everyone I want to offer a word of encouragement and advice. So, here goes:

With any change comes the opportunity for misunderstanding, frustration, growth, encouragement, lack of clarity, and the list goes on... it could literally go either way.

You've gotta have grace!

So, the word for all of us is GRACE! Let's be extra vigilant to give our new teams and their leaders time to form and clarify how things are done. Let's be extra diligent to pray against hurt feelings and woundedness. As those who serve, let's be willing to try new things and to do things differently. Let's agree together that WE can make the changes necessary to become more effective in our main purpose:

That River Oaks Church will truly become a welcoming place of belonging where each person can begin to truly LIVE in God, CONNECT with others and with their purpose, and ENGAGE the church and the world for God's Glory.   

Feedback - the Breakfast of Champions

That phrase above is one of the favorites of Dr. Joseph Umidi! He likes to remind us that we NEED to hear from others if we're ever going to improve.

While we're making changes at River Oaks and working at improving our effectiveness as a church, you may see things and wonder about them. Or, you may have ideas along the way. Feedback is always welcome, although it doesn't necessarily mean we'll do everything that is suggested. Today, for example, I just finished a fantastic meeting with one of our members who came to share what she had experienced during our Pastor's Breakfast. It was most helpful to hear how the event impacted her. Not only that but in our conversation, it seemed we were able to discover clarity to some of the passions that God has given her. My hope is that she went away encouraged that God has given her gifts for the purpose of helping His church become even more effective. I know I was encouraged by her sharing and her spirit of openness and passion to see Jesus become even more famous as we worship Him. 

I am so excited about what God is doing, and I am grateful for each of you and the gifts and passions you bring to us as a church family. I can't wait to see how God puts it all together for His Glory!

~ Pastor Kevin

Pastor's Rest Day - Shift

Just a quick note to let you know that Pastor Kevin has shifted his "off" day to Wednesday. Thanks.