TRUTH: Who Are You Really?

What if I REALLY knew you?

If someone REALLY knew you. I mean, really knew the most intimate details of your life, what you think, decisions you make, would they like you?

That question is just one of the thought-invoking questions that can cause us to immediately see how much shame and guilt play a role in our lives. Because we live in a fallen world and are born into sin, things like negative emotions and a lost knowledge of God are the reality of every person born. 


Jesus came to make a way to re-connect with God and to become truly ALIVE spiritually! In Jesus, we are restored to God's original intent for mankind. Even though Adam's sin brought fallen nature to every human being born, Jesus' great gift of salvation brings life, salvation and eternal life to all who choose to accept Him and follow Him. 

On Sunday, we launched our first of three messages dealing with TRUTH! Everything we do in life needs to be based on the truth we find in God's word. And, our daily life needs to be impacted and determined by our living in complete truth. 

If you missed the sermon, you can catch it online by clicking the sermon below, or by clicking HERE to listen and/or download sermon notes. 

Also, on Sunday, we handed out the "Who I AM In Christ" list of truths! If you didn't receive one, you can download a copy by clicking on the image above. Read it. Re-read it. Declare it to yourself and over those you love. Truth matters and so do you!