What's Happening at the River?

FIRST Impressions

One of the things our leadership team is working on is the First Impressions we give to guests when they join us for worship at River Oaks. Steve Davis has agreed to lead a new team focused on our Front Door greeting and our Ushering. Our plan is to make any visit to River Oaks a visit that is memorable and warm and enjoyable. Pray for this team as it forms. Currently, the team is being led by Steve Davis, with help from Julie Branner and Evan Strite. The team is looking for two more leaders and we need lots of Greeters and Ushers. If you are interested, please talk to Steve, Evan or Julie.

Where Are We Going?

Before the end of 2016 leaders from all of our ministries met to begin the process of a 3-5 year strategic plan. We came out of that session with the beginning of a refreshed Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Core Values. We talked about the process at River Oaks. How does a new Christian move from "baby Christian" to mature believer? How do we see the LIFE (River) flowing into and through church members, and how can we become the Oaks of Righteousness we desire to see? On Saturday we will continue the process and begin looking at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats we face as a church family. We ask you to be praying as we spend this time prayerfully listening, sharing, discerning and getting a clear picture of what God has for us in the years to come. Our team will be meeting from 9-1 on Saturday morning. Thanks for joining us in prayer. We truly look forward to all that God is planning for us as a church family.

Membership Update

 Click the image to download a copy

Click the image to download a copy

Again this weekend we invite you to sign the new membership form if you haven't done so already. I'll include it here again for you to read and prepare to sign. We are so blessed by all of you whom God has called to be a part of the family at River Oaks and we look forward to each one finding our place as God moves us forward.