I See A Church

On Sunday, I shared my heart with you about the church I "see" and believe God is wanting us to be at River Oaks. 

While there are four main "pictures" in what I see, the church is so much more and yet so simple. We are called to know God, serve others, and grow in EVERYTHING He has given us through His Word, His Son, and His Spirit! 

Sometimes when we look "out there" at what the church should be/could be, we may get discouraged or feel we're just not getting it done. Our hope (as elders and ministry leaders) is that we will look at the "out there" and say together, "God, what will WE need to do to get to that place?" 

As you read the Bible and begin to understand God's call on your life, what is holding you, what is holding US back from living out that reality? 

This week, I will followup on last week's message with a detailed look at the church that has HEART! 

Heart speaks to RELATIONSHIP. Relationships are KEY to being the church God desires in Harrisonburg! 

  1. Relationship with God. Genuine, Open, Growing, Obedient, Worshipping ...
  2. Relationship with our family and with God's church. 
  3. Relationship with the lost. How are we connecting? Relating, Caring?

I hope you will be praying with us during this month as we ask God to clarify and release HIS dream(s) for us as individuals, as families, and as His church here in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

Have a GOD-FILLED week,

Pastor Kevin

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