Weekend Review: A Church with HEALING (Updated Resource Added)

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Article: 5 Enemy Entry Points You Probably Haven't Thought Of"

This past Sunday, I shared a message with you which laid out the vision for a church with HEALING. Healing is meant to be an integral part of church life, of the Christian life. We are given, in Jesus, an opportunity to experience and receive healing for any wound, any brokenness, any physical ailment with which we are suffering. It is an opportunity that is given, but we MUST TAKE ACTION to receive the healing that is available. In my message, I shared four "holdbacks" to healing. If you want to listen again, you can hear the message here.

4 "Holdbacks" to Receiving Healing

  1. Frozen by Fear
  2. Grounded by Grudges
  3. Captured by Complaining
  4. Victimization

After the service, I heard from several people. One shared with me the story of how they needed to come to grips with a spirit of "self-pity" and to remove that spirit from her life. Another wrote that they had just listened to a podcast on the same theme. I am attaching the podcast here, because it is profound and I hope you will receive the help you need in your own life to overcome.

The podcast is titled, "7 Reasons Every Leader Must Experience their Own Personal Healing". I encourage EVERYONE to take some time and listen. The podcast is geared toward leaders, but the fact is, it is truth for EVERY person. We all need to go deeper and receive the healing we are offered in Jesus. Here are the 7 reasons to peak your interest:

7 Reasons Every Leader Must Experience Their Own Personal Healing:

  1. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.
  2. Unresolved issues always lead to complex, even compounded, problems.
  3. Defective leading leads to destructive habits; destructive habits lead to disrupted destiny.
  4. Hurting people hurt people.
  5. Your personal perspective affects your ability to see, and a persona with tainted vision cannot lead effectively.
  6. Your internal condition will ultimately determine your external influence.
  7. God longs for you to be healed so you can live well, love strong, and lead effectively.

et's pursue and become ALL that God has intended for us to be as HIS church in the city!

Pastor Kevin