A Church with "HEART"

Living with God's heart is our key to being a church with "HEART". On Sunday, we saw visually how we tend to treat God with our heart. After we have HEARD the message of Jesus and accepted Him, we are called to love God with ALL of our heart. Unfortunately, we tend to hold much of ourselves back from God and in the process we hinder Him from the process of transformation He has planned for us. 

How is it with you? Have you given God ALL of your heart? Have you held portions back? Are you allowing your Perspective, Pride, or Pain to keep you from opening completely to God and to His ways? 

A church with HEART has learned to love God completely and to trust Him in/with EVERYTHING. We all have room to grow. I pray that God will continue to draw your heart toward Him as you let go of the hindrances and embrace the Holiness of His love for you and for His church!

You can listen to the entire message, or watch it below.