Got Junk? Facing Finances and Tithing

Pastor Kevin delivered a meaningful sermon on the biblical teachings of financial health and what God has to say on the subject of Money. During the sermon Phillip Zodihiates shared the seven finanical points he has lived by.

  1. We own nothing.  Everything belongs to God. 
  2. Money should not cause anxiety or worry.
  3. God doesn’t want us to go into debt.
  4. God doesn’t use money to corrupt Christians.  He uses it to bless us so we can bless others.
  5. God does not use money to build our egos.
  6. God does not use money to indulge you. 
  7. If we see a legitimate need that one of our brethren has, and we have the means to help him, it is our responsibility to meet that need.

The sermon audio is avalible online, click the link below to give it a listen!