What Can You Do with all of that JUNK (Baggage)?

For many Christians, living a Holy life is simply out of the question because we're too busy juggling all of the excess baggage we have carried with us into our Christian experience. Whether it is something that needs to be shared (ask for help), or something that needs to be stopped (We've bought the lies of a sick culture) or something that needs to be surrendered (everything), all of us are dealing with some lefteovers which need to be cleaned out of our lives. 

From Sunday's taking it home questions:

  1. What radical change do you need to make in your life which will begin to allow you to focus on getting rid of the "junk"?
  2. Who can you ask for help from? Do you have someone to meet with weekly for accountability? Are you sharing life with ANYONE?
  3. What change can you make NOW in your hectic schedule? Are there activities that you and your family are engaged in that simply need to stop to allow time for God?

Here is the full sermon online, in case you missed it.