This Weekend at the River: Got Junk? Family Junk?

Tomorrow morning at River Oaks

we're going to conclude our sermons on the theme "Got Junk?"

We've looked at the general baggage we carry around, fears that we face and condemning thoughts that hang around. Tomorrow morning, we're going to deal with the "family junk" that we can sometimes carry around with us. No matter how great your family was or is, we've all picked up SOME junk from our family systems and family brokenness. For some of us, family has not been positive at all. Regardless of where you fall, I think you'll be encouraged to see ways past the dysfunctional patterns we've all picked up in one form or another. 

  • We're going to hear a fantastic testimony of healing (actual a double healing). 
  • We'll hear about our missionaries and spend time praying for them.
  • And we'll enjoy a great morning of pursuing God's presence! 
  • Remember: Coffee starts at 10:00 ... come out and begin to connect at 10. 
  • Worship, Prayer and the WORD begin at 10:30. 

It's going to be a great, refreshing, renewing Sunday at the River.

See you there.

Pastor Kevin