Overcoming Fear

Got Junk?

On Sunday, we approached the subject of FEAR!

Fear can immobilize. Fear can destroy relationships. Fear can topple dreams. And most of us are dealing with fear in some area of our lives. 

In your life, have you been able to recognize the fear(s) you are dealing with? If so, have you had help in responding to the fear? Have you been able to realign your faith so that FAITH is driving your life instead of fear? 

I hope so, and I know that freedom from fear is possible when we are living in Jesus! 

Taking it Home

If you haven't already done so, consider the following for this week's "Take home" assignment:

  1. Evaluate your life for signs of a spirit of fear.
  2. Tune into God's voice and ask others to help you discern the source of the fear.
  3. Build an altar this week. Worship AS A FAMILY by simply sitting together and talking about how good God is and how you expect Him to change your life in regard to fear.

If you missed the service on Sunday, you can watch the video below or listen online