This Weekend at the River: Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit

Dear Church Family,

I neglected to take a picture at 10:30 this week, but oh what a difference it makes when the church arrives on time and is prepared to pursue the presence of God. THANK YOU for your engagement in worship and in what God wanted to do among us on Sunday.

This has been an amazing week of activity and I am so grateful for all of the ways so many of you have been supportive of the families dealing with medical emergencies and needs. We are very happy to say that Johnny Branner is home from the hospital. We are grateful to hear some good reports from Leanne following her brain surgery. She is hoping to go home soon. We continue to pray for Richard Breeden and his heart, as well as the Rishell family battling the flu.

Through it all, we declare that GOD IS GOOD! These trials and earthly struggles are an unfortunate reality of living in a fallen world, and they continue to point us to the ultimate good of God and eternity with Him as a place where there is NO sickness and NO sorrow.

Living with PK's

How has your week of honoring been? When you live in a house with PK's (Preacher's Kids), sometimes you get challenged to "do the homework" you handed out on Sunday. Last evening, after I honored Lynda for her strength in keeping things together on days when I leave at 6:30 and don't come home 'till 8:30, Ellie said, "I think you're the only one doing your homework!". Well, better that way than her noticing me NOT doing my homework. (Which I'm sure she's had plenty of opportunities to notice.) How has it gone for you? Have you been able to honor someone this week? Have you sent a note of encouragement to someone? I hope so. It's not too late. You can actually write it today and get the homework done. 

This Sunday

I am looking forward to worshipping with you again this Sunday. Remember, coffee is served at 10, and we can all come early to connect and get ready for worship to begin at 10:30. I am looking forward to celebrating mothers! I am looking forward to hearing a testimony from Richard Breeden. I am looking forward to Rita Eby sharing a prophetic word and picture with you. But most of all I am looking forward to experiencing GOD's PRESENCE with you! 

For Worship

Lynda and I have found this song to be so refreshing and encouraging in these days. Give it a listen a few or a hundred times. I'm sure you'll be encouraged.