Embracing the "More" of Grace

In our recent small group study, "Good or God", John Bevere challenged us to recognize and embrace the truth of Grace. Not just a partial truth, one that recognizes Grace covering our sin, but the entire truth that also experiences Grace empowering us to live holy lives. 

On Sunday, we reviewed the principles of Lawlessness (it's not just "out there" but lawlessness is sin right within our own lives) and Holiness. God alone is Holy, and yet He invites us by His grace to join Him in the divine nature and in living Holy lives. 

How are you pursuing that second part of God's grace? God wants to reveal more and more of Himself to you and through you. Your part and my part in the process is to pursue Holiness in our lifestyle and to pursue the Presence of God. Yes, it is true that God has covered our sin, and imparted righteousness to us, but how is that righteousness growing in our lives daily? How are we loving God more? How are we loving others more? How are we becoming more and more like God in the very way we live out our days? 

Embracing the "MORE" of God's Grace

Over the past several weeks, we have experienced God moving in fresh ways and His Holy Spirit has been doing some new things as we've joined together for worship on Sunday morning. My prayer is that you and your family will pursue and experience God's presence more as well. My prayer is that God's presence and God's glory will be revealed more and more in our worship times, in our personal times of prayer and devotion, in our interactions with our families, in our connections to the community, in every area of our lives. 

Lord, we want more and more of your presence! We want more and more of your grace. We want to see YOU evident in our lives more and more. And Lord, we want your love to flow through us to the many others who need to know you and to experience Your unending love and grace for eternal life that begins now. Show us your glory, and empower us to show your glory every moment of every day! 

~ Pastor Kevin

Missed the service on Sunday? Listen to or watch the sermon by clicking below.

Taking Sunday's Message  to the Rest of the Week:

Following are some steps/commitments you can make to take the message from Sunday and apply it each day of the week. Print, or write this list in a place where you will see it daily, and allow it to help you apply the message each day.

  1. Ask the question: Am I pursuing MORE of God? (His empowerment for Holiness and not just his grace that covers sin.)
  2. Ask a friend/my family, “Do you see God at work in me?” … if so, HOW
  3. Begin or Continue a plan to PURSUE God that includes
    1. Daily Worship 
    2. Daily Prayer
    3. Daily time reading God's Word
    4. Active Relationship with the Church (Where am I serving/giving to the work of the church?)