Changing the World with God's Presence

This past Sunday, after the service, someone came to me and asked me if I had an idea why some people (himself included) might not want to invite people to church. His question was loaded because he had already thought through it for himself. As we talked he shared with me that he realizes he just doesn't care about "those other people" enough to be willing to invite and invest in their lives. How true. Isn't it true that we always kind of like our lives when they are? Committing to others, and changing our lifestyle to help others in their Christian life is simply outside of our "normal", so we prefer to keep it status quo. 

BUT, aren't you glad that someone somewhere invested in you? Invited you to Jesus? Invited you to a church event somewhere? Someone reached out and spent time pouring into your life so that you could be where you are today? 

9 Reasons We Don't Invite our Friends to Church

At I recently read an article by Michael Harvey. In it he lists 9 Reasons We Don't Invite our Friends to Church. He said that he has traveled all over the world, and the problem of non-invitational churches is not unique to any group/nation or denomination. He lists 9 excuses he has heard. You can read the entire article here. I'll list the 9 reasons for you.

  1. We have no "non-church-going" friends.
  2. "It's the Pastor's job!"
  3. "My friends said no to me last year."
  4. "What if it damages my friendship?"
  5. "Our services and people are unpredictable"
  6. "I fear what the congregation will think of my friend; they are not our type of people."
  7. "I don't want to be seen as strange."
  8. "I wouldn't know what to say, and they might ask about my faith."
  9. FEAR of rejection.

Perhaps we should just go ahead with the reality I started this post with and add it to the list.

10. Many of us need an "upgrade" of compassion toward those who need a church and who more importantly need Jesus. 

How is it for you? Do you want to invite people to church? If not, do you know why? My hope is that all of us will become FULLY INVITATIONAL when it comes to our many contacts throughout the week. 

Last evening, our 10 year old daughter informed us that she had invited her aide to church! She's 10! (Not the aide, our daughter) I was so impressed that she had been listening and even more that she just went ahead and invited the one person she has contact with each week, her aide, to join us at church on Sunday. Certainly, there is someone in your life this week who needs to be a part of the church of Jesus. 

The Gospel of JESUS is always INVITATIONAL. He invites us to come to Him. He invites us to bring others with us. Who will you invite to join you this week at church?