This Weekend at the River: Changing the World with God's Presence

Hosting God's Presence

Our last few weeks have been full of unexpected, and yet welcomed interruptions of the Holy Spirit. Our hearts have been turned to seek HIS FACE more than anything, and we have been blessed because HE has longed to come and be with us in our worship and in our desire for Him. 

This Sunday we are going to talk about the "Circle of the Spirit Let Life". I believe you will be blessed and challenged as we renew our hearts toward some of the keys that we need to be in and to maintain God's presence. His presence changes lives. His presence transforms families. His presence anoints for His glory! The question is, are we being who we need to be, and doing what we need to do to attract and live in His presence. Come Sunday, and You will be blessed!


Last Sunday, so many of you acknowledged the reality that our CORPORATE gatherings are a special place of God's anointing, a place where God does so much more than He tends to do in our individual walk with Him. The question is, how many have you invited this week? Your job is to continue to INVITE anyone you connect with. 

While this statistic may be a few years old, it has certainly not changed that much. over 80% of those who are not in a church are open to the gospel. Around the same percentage said that they would go, if someone would invite them! THAT IS YOU!  Invite as many as you can to join us at church this weekend. The GOOD NEWS is for EVERYONE and we don't want anyone to miss out.


We are so grateful that Johnny Branner is back at work and doing well. Thank you for your prayers. 

We continue to pray for Richard Breeden's heart to come into RYTHM! He continues in atrial fib and will see the doctor again next Wednesday.

 Leanne Shenk

Leanne Shenk

We also continue to pray for Leanne Shenk as she waits it out at UVA, waiting for the clots that developed in her brain to completely dissolve. The process has been slow and has taken much patience. Please pray for Leanne to be fully recovered (including all of the muscles in her face) from the brain surgery as well as the clotting that has happened since the surgery.

If you would like to send a card to Leanne, you can bring them Sunday and we will deliver them to her.