Getting into God's Rhythm of Life

Where do you get your rhythm?

On Sunday, Rita Eby challenged us with a word the Holy Spirit had given her as she and their small group were praying. The word had to do with "Rhythm". The challenge of getting our hearts into a healthy "rhythm" and in getting our entire lives lined up with God's rhythm for us. 

Do you feel like you're in Rhythm? Does your current life reality feel like you're flowing with God, or does it feel like life remains a struggle? What if getting in tune with the Holy Spirit were to be a key for all of us to enter into God's rhythm for us? How much are we really seeking God for the activities we're engaging in? How much are we really asking HIM for HIS ideas for our family? How much have we given space for the Holy Spirit to confirm or shift our priorities? 

I believe that walking in the Spirit is essential for all of us to find and embrace the fullness of Life that God wants us to live in. Can I challenge you today to pray? Can I challenge you to slow down, quiet your soul and allow the Holy Spirit to speak, reveal, direct? I hope so. And I believe that the more we will do this, the more we'll walk in the Spirit and the more we'll experience the fullness of life found in the "Rythm of God" for our lives. 

So many of you responded for a fresh impartation to seek and know the Holy Spirit this past Sunday! I am looking forward to hearing from you as your relationship with God and His Spirit grows and bears much fruit for His glory!

Be blessed and walk in God's Rhythm!

Pastor Kevin Strite


Are you "APEST"?

Pastor Kevin will be teaching us about the five gifting of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd and Teacher found in Ephesians 4. Everyone has a tendency toward one or more of these gifts. Which are you? Bring a snack to share at 6:30 to get started!


Potlucks are always a special time of connecting and building relationships. We are planning on sharing some initiatives for the church to get involved in. Bring a main dish and a side of your choice to share.

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