Friday Morning Update: Ava Care Edition

Also: Please pray for Glen Litwiller

 Glen Litwiller on one of his many mission trips.

Glen Litwiller on one of his many mission trips.

Glen is married to Lynda Strite and Kris Christophel's sister, Naomi. He serves as Bible Guidance and Missions pastor at Edgewater church in Oregon. Glen and his wife, Naomi have visited River Oaks with Ruth Leidig in the past.

He and his family need our prayers.

Caring Bridge Update

Glen is now in Portland at Legacy Emanuel hospital after being airlifted from 3 Rivers Hospital in GP. 

Backstory: late yesterday afternoon Glen was found just down the hill from the Edgewater Church office after an apparent crash on his bicycle. At this time we don't know of any eyewitnesses to the crash so cause of crash is currently unknown. Glen was found by a man driving past on Industry Drive after seeing his bike on the side of the road and his body between the curb and sidewalk. Help was soon summoned from a Men's group meeting at the church office. While paramedics were en-route, Glen was conscious and somewhat responsive but not very coherent. He was rushed to the emergency room at 3 Rivers where a CAT scan and x-rays revealed a fractured skull, bleeding inside the skull, contusion on his ribs, large cut on his arm. Shortly after arriving at 3 Rivers he lost consciousness, was intubation but appeared to still be breathing on his own. Due to the head injury it was determined to transport to PDX for better ICU/neuro trauma care. 

At this time it appears that Glen does not have any neck/spinal injury. 

Please keep Glen, the family and the medical staff in your prayers. While it is hard to understand how/why this has happened, pray that God will be glorified through these circumstances.