Sowing and Reaping

Don't miss the Bible Memory Heroes video at the bottom of the page!

If we would have had time on Sunday, we would have dug into Galatians 6 to finish our study in Galatians. Instead, God had other plans and it was good to spend the morning in prayer for our business owners! 

We'll return to Galatians 6 this weekend to try to wrap up the study. In the mean time, I cannot encourage you enough to find a group and connect for this transformational study we'll be doing called, "Good or God". John Bevere will lead us through a challenging study calling us to a deeper and more genuine place of pursuing God's presence. 

"Good enough" isn't good enough. We need to pursue God, His presence, His Spirit and His word with more vigor than ever. Why? Because we need his discernment and leading more than ever. We need God, our families need God, our church and our community need God! 

Good or God groups begin THIS FRIDAY and will continue for the next 6 weeks. I hope you will connect with one of the groups that is currently formed, or, if you need to meet at a different time, contact me, and I'd be happy to try to create other options as well. 

If you haven't signed up, you can do so HERE or contact any of the group leaders listed below. Your entire family can be a part of a group, and we are working to provide kid's packs so that the younger kids will have activities to work on during the video messages each week. Each group will include video teaching, discussion, and prayer. I know God is going do be transforming our hearts as we press into HIM and His ways.

Good or God Groups and Times

  1. Jim and Rita Eby: Friday evening at 6:30 PM (Begins this Friday, April 8)
  2. Jim and Judy Ranck: Meeting at Dave and Lynette Crulls - Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM (Begins next Tuesday, April 12)
  3. Doug and Kris Christophel: Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM (Begins next Wednesday, April 13)
  4. Kevin and Lynda Strite: Meeting at the church - Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM (Begins next Wednesday, April 13)