This Weekend at the River: Do not Quench the Spirit

Saturday: Move 4 Life

Tomorrow, 8-10 of our church family will participate in the AVA CARE Move for Life event. Running in the 5k, or walking the mile, they have together raised over $2,800 for the ministry of LIFE at Ava Care. 

Thank you to all who have sponsored runners. And congratulations to all of the walker/runners! We are blessed to participate with you in supporting this ministry in Harrisonburg. Go, Team River Oaks!

Prayer Evening: Sunday

prayer warrior.jpg

Reminder that we will have a special time of prayer this Sunday evening, April 24. 

Our focus is on hearing God, connecting with His Spirit and praying His prayers. 

Come ready to worship, to pray, and to experience the presence of God as a church family. Everyone is invited. We expect our prayer time to last from 7:00 to 8:30. 

Spread the word and come expecting.

If you have a specific prayer request for our prayer meeting, please email us ahead of time.

Do Not Quench the Spirit

What does it take to put out a fire? This past week, all of us have seen and felt the effects of the massive fire burning in Shenandoah National Park. Whether it has been the smoke, the photos, or the ever-present news stories reminding us of the fire, we have seen, and heard and smelled the fire. 

In 1 Thessalonians 5:19, Paul says:

Do not quench the Spirit.

The word "quench" is clearly a reference to "putting out a fire". One of the ways that the Holy Spirit is pictured throughout the Bible, is as fire. 

On Sunday, we're going to talk about the fire of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

  1. The Benefits of Fire
  2. "Fire Quenchers"
  3. Four "ta not to's" in regard to the Holy Spirit

Let's prepare our hearts for a stirring up and fanning into flame the fire of the Holy Spirit within us and through us! 


Finally, this Sunday we will be giving out the "Sweet" rewards to our Bible-Memory heroes. For all of you who memorized the verses in Galatians 1-5, CONGRATULATIONS! Here are the names of the kids who memorized all of the verses:

  • Hannah Eby
  • Kya Lambert
  • Kora Lambert
  • Kendra Lambert
  • Kristiana Lambert
  • Klara Lambert
  • Seth Ranck
  • Caleb Ranck
  • Isaiah Ranck
  • McKenzie Showalter
  • Eliana Strite