This Weekend at the River: Fill This Place

Wrapping Galatians

I believe we will actually get to wrap up Galatians this Sunday with a focus on: Sowing and Reaping out of Galatians 6. Honestly, I'm looking forward to just being at church and worshipping with all of you. 

On Thursday, Nancy led the team in learning the song, "Fill this Place", and I am really anticipating crying out together as a church. A sample of the lyrics:

Father we're on our knees With every heartbeat We bring you this offering Lord come and fill this place Father we're crying out Spirit we need you now Glorious love surrounds us Lord come and fill this place Lord come and fill this place...

Fill This Place

That is our cry as a worship team, and I pray that it is your cry as well. More than anything, Lord, we need, we long for, we want your presence to Fill THIS place. Any place where we are, Lord, come and fill this place.

Click the video below to enjoy a preview and prepare for crying out together tomorrow morning.