Coffee Crew is Coming to River Oaks

Are you ready for some coffee?

Coffee Crew is Coming!

Thank you to all of those who have volunteered their time and experience to begin a Coffee Crew for River Oaks.  We hope to do a trial run next weekend, March 20 (Palm Sunday), and then enjoy coffee and donuts on Sunday, March 27 (Easter Sunday). 

The equipment is ordered and on the way. We will need to do a little training to learn how to use it, and to hone our skill at making GREAT coffee for all of you at the River-folk. 

You can Help

If you would like to help out with the cost of the equipment, we would love to receive a special gift toward the Coffee Crew over the next two weekends. Funds will go towards purchasing the equipment as well as revitalizing the “Coffee Counter” which was donated by Jim and Rita Eby. 

Gifts can be given this or next weekend. If you’re giving online, choose giving type: Other and specify “Coffee Crew” in the comments. If you are giving on Sunday morning, please indicate “Coffee Crew” on your giving envelope or check.

Thank you!

The River Oaks Coffee Crew