Being Transformed Emotionally

This past weekend we focused on the reality of our emotions. Emotions are God-given, and God has them, so that makes emotions GOOD. Unfortunately, emotions tend to be an area that can get out of control, or rather, can become controlling in our lives. God's intent is for emotions to help us and enable us to be real with Him and with each other. 

How are your emotions? Do you recognize them? Are you aware of how they are affecting you? If you missed Sunday's message, you can watch it online (below), or click here to listen and download now. 

Here are three keys to manage your feelings (emotions):

  1. Name it. (Take time to acknowledge and recognize the emotion you are feeling.)
  2. Challenge it (Is it true? Is it helping? Is there something deeper?)
  3. Tame it (Change it, or Channel it by the power of God's Holy Spirit.)