How Are You Overcoming the Giants in Your Life?

 Click the image to listen online or to download audio and notes.

Click the image to listen online or to download audio and notes.

The story of David and Goliath! An epic tale of the little guy taking on the giant . . . and WINNING! Everyone loves an underdog who overcomes. The story recounts so many aspects of the life of Israel at the time and paints a picture of giants that ALL of us face along the way. David faced four Giants before he ever got to the main one - Goliath. 

  1. David faced the giant of DELAY of waiting for his kingship to be made manifest. 
  2. David faced the giant of DISCOURAGEMENT as he watched the army of Israel and listened to them voice their confidence that NO ONE could defeat this Giant.
  3. David faced the giant of DISAPPROVAL of his family as he began to raise up to his full potential. Their question for David, "Who do you think you are"?
  4. And David faced the giant of DOUBT as he set aside the conventional ideas and armor and ran to face the Giant with what he had in his hand. 

Are you losing sight of the dream God has placed in your heart? Are you facing giants that want to keep you from your full potential? Surround yourself with like-minded and encouraging people. Remind yourself and build yourself up with the memory of how God has worked in the past. Settle in with the "tools" you have and don't try to use someone else's weapon. And finally, expect God to show up and make things happen for HIS glory! 

This Thanksgiving, my prayer for you is that you'll truly remember all that God has done and will spend time voicing thanks with family and friends. I also pray that you will be encouraged to re-dream or to re-engage in the dream(s) God has set in your heart. When each of us follows God's path and pursues God's dreams, God is glorified, and people see Him and are drawn to Him. 

Be Blessed and Dream with God!

Pastor Kevin