Thinking About Money!

The Shrewd Manager and Jesus' Thoughts

On Sunday, we reviewed Jesus parable about the shrewd manager who used His master's money to gain influence and friends. That story (found in Luke 16) is one of those stories that Jesus told which was intended to jar the Pharisees and others into thinking differently about money. If Jesus were preaching/teaching on earth today, I'm pretty sure he'd be accused of being obsessed with money! Over half of his stories were about money. He talked about money more than Heaven or Hell. He seemed to think that money was very important. Having said that, Here are five things Jesus DIDN'T say when He talked about money.

  1. Money is evil.

  2. Being poor is better.

  3. Avoid wealth at all costs.

  4. Being wealthy is only for those who are greedy.

  5. Get rich, but spend lots of time complaining about not having enough.

Jesus did tell a lot of stories and talk a lot about money, but in this story specifically, he extols the wisdom in using money shrewdly. The problem with money is not money itself. It's not even having LOTS of money. The problem with money is simple. Money is meant to be used, not loved! It is the love of money that causes all kinds of evil. Money is intended to be used for God's glory. Money is supposed to be a tool that anyone can use to expand influence and make a difference. Unfortunately, too many people love money instead of just using it as a tool. Here is the fundamental question. What is currently keeping you from using money to benefit the Kingdom of God? The best use of money is investing in eternal souls. How can you spend more wisely so that your wealth can influence others for Jesus? That is the question of the day. Everything you and I have was given to us by God. It is all His. We are His. Our resources are His. Ask yourself the question, "How can I manage God's resources most effectively for His glory?" That is the right question about money. 

If you missed the sermon, you can listen to it HERE, or click the link below.