Paving the Way So More People Can Stay

Paving the Way for Guests

This past Sunday, a photo was taken of our parking lot at 10:32 AM. That is just about the time we would expect an un-churched friend to arrive at church. Here is the photo. 

As you can see from the photo, we are very adept at filling up the prime parking spaces and leaving the "outer edges" for guests and those who may arrive late. 

Make Room

Here's what we want you to do. Unless you have small children, or you have someone in your vehicle who needs to park close to the front door, consider filling up the edges first, and leaving the prime spots for late-comers and guests. 

Over the next several months, we expect to launch a parking team which will help, but for now, what say we work together to make room and "Pave the Way" for guests to feel welcomed and honored as they join us on any given Sunday morning.