Friday Afternoon Update: This Weekend at the River

Friday Afternoon Update

Please Pray:

  • For church leaders, ministry leaders, and prayer leaders who are meeting tomorrow to begin the process of discerning the next steps for River Oaks. Where has God called us to uniquely fit within the larger church here in the Shenandoah Valley? How can we be most effective for HIS glory? 
  • Pray for REVIVAL in our hearts.
  • Pray for MORE of God's presence and Power.
  • Pray for His kingdom to come and HIS will to be done.

This Weekend:

We'll continue our series on Transformation. Specifically, this Sunday, we'll address the health of our minds. Our thought life and our "inner man". How do we submit these to God and allow Him to change us on the inside?

If you haven't invited someone to church yet, there is still time. It's going to be a refreshing weekend at River Oaks!