Growing Closer to God

Love Stands Waiting

Yesterday, my 10-year-old daughter asked if she could play a song for me.

"Why," I asked.

She said, "It reminded me of the sermon yesterday." (Yes! Kids of all ages are listening and catching something on Sundays.)

Intrigued, I asked her to tell me the title, and she said, "Love Stands Waiting, by Matthew West."

Have a listen. It's a good one:

50 Days of Transformation Begins

On Sunday we began our 7 weeks of focusing on being TRANSFORMED! While all of us have probably wished at times for a "magical zapping" that would transform every area of our lives to be more like God, the simple matter of fact is this, TRANSFORMATION TAKES A LIFETIME.

The second simple truth is this. The closer we are to God, the more transformed lives we live. The further we move away from Him, the less.

In the story of the prodigal son, we gleaned four keys to getting closer to God, and this week in your small group, you'll gain Seven habits to improve your spiritual health. Four Keys, Seven Habits, none of it matters until we make a clear choice to move TOWARD God, and to embrace the lifestyle of pursuing MORE of Him in every area of our lives. Here's a one-minute clip from Pastor Rick Warren explaining the choice.

Finally, if you missed the service on Sunday, and you'd like to catch the entire sermon (Including sharing from Bruce and Alicia Burns of Cross Keys Equine Therapy), click below to watch the video of Sunday's sermon.

I am praying for all of you this week. May our GOOD, GOOD Father draw us ever closer to Him and transform us by His grace and power and presence! I believe revival is coming, and we will be the recipients of GOD's amazing grace daily as we embrace and live out transformed lives! 

Walk in God's Blessings and BE TRANSFORMED!

Pastor Kevin