This Weekend at the River: Learning to Ask God

Today is the last day of our Daniel Fast. Throughout the fast, so many of you have joined together in fasting and prayer. Our prayer times have been a reminder to me of the deep desire so many have to see God move in powerful ways in our lives. As you have taken the time out of your busy schedules and made prayer a priority, I believe God has been at work in our hearts to draw us to a deeper revelation of who He is and what He is currently doing in our lives, families, church and in the world. 


We will wrap up our focus on Daniel chapter nine. We will be challenged to ask for BIG things. We will be challenged to recall the character of God and to believe that He is always who He said He is. God is righteous, compassionate and forgiving. Those three are so powerful when we grasp and live in their reality. 

We're looking forward to a special drama presented today by our new and forming drama crew! You will not want to miss it. 

Now What?

As the days for this fast have come to a close, we have heard from many of you expressing a desire to continue some sort of regular prayer together. We'd be interested to know of your interest in establishing prayer times for all of us as we continue through 2016. Click on the form below to let us know your thoughts. 

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We will continue to pray! The question is simply, "When can we pray TOGETHER".