This Weekend at the River: The Call to Fast and Pray

Welcome to 2016!

We are looking forward to a great start to the year as a church family. Tomorrow morning, we will begin the year with a call to prayer and fasting. 

In the bible, over and over, we see God's people turn to prayer and fasting when they felt the need for discernment, for provision, for encouragement and hope, and for genuine, ongoing relationship with God. Daniel was certainly one of those who knew how to pray and who was willing to fast to get answers. 

Beginning January 11 and going through February 1, each of you is invited to join us on a corporate Daniel Fast. Like Daniel, we will limit our foods to certain types, and we will dedicate the weeks to prayer. I read this week that if you don't pray when doing the Daniel Fast, you're simply on a very healthy diet. 

While we could all use a healthy diet, that is not our aim. Our aim is to draw near to God and to hear what He is saying. Whatever your place in life today, I'm sure you can benefit from hearing God. As a church family, we can certainly be strengthened and we will certainly find our purpose and reveal God's glory when we press in and hear what HE is saying. 

Tomorrow, we'll begin looking at Daniel by reviewing chapters 1-8, and focusing on Daniel's life. Who was he? Why was he "successful" in his fasting and praying? How can we make plans to be successful ourselves as we enter the new year? 

I'm looking forward to seeing you all and beginning the year together!


Pastor Kevin