This Weekend at the River: A September to Remember

This Sunday we begin our "September to Remember" as we look back at the FEASTS God instituted for the purpose of remembering Him and His faithfulness throughout the year. We will also have the great privilege of celebrating God's faithfulness to us over the past ten years of church life together. Yes, September 13, we will celebrate ten years of God's faithfulness. In many ways, it is hard to believe it has been that long. As a part of our special Sunday, we'd love to hear from you. What are some key memories you have of your time with River Oaks / New Life over the past ten years? What are some words that come to your mind to describe church life together? Do you have a particular memory of an exceptional service? On Sunday we'd like to collect some of these memories and perhaps have some of you record a video memory as well, so come prepared to share your memories of God's faithfulness together. 

God's Faithfulness in the People He Surrounds Us With

 Fran Fawley

Fran Fawley

This morning, I was encouraged to spend a little time with a very special friend of River Oaks, Fran Fawley. Fran and her husband Stan were two of the most ardent and faithful supporters of the launch of the ministry 10 years ago. Stan would often come to Harrisonburg and ask me if I had time for lunch. Then he'd take me somewhere (Usually Shoney's), buy lunch and proceed to ask;  How is the ministry developing? Have you found a good location? Are you giving to Missions yet? How could he be of help? Stan would then listen and simply be a voice of wisdom and encouragement. I miss those lunches with Stan very much. I'm grateful to be able to still visit with Fran and to hear her expressions of gratefulness to God. Every time I visit with her she declares over and over, "I have been so blessed! God has been so good to me."  Her thankful spirit is an encouragement to be around, and I'm thankful for her and Stan, and their love and support through the years.

On the 13th, we will have several other special guests (along with Fran) whom we plan to honor and thank for their friendship and support. It is going to be a special morning!


So, invite your friends. Get the word out. Our sign should go up early next week, and we look forward to making an impact in Harrisonburg and the surrounding area as God continues to grow us, transform us, challenge us and use us for His glory. 

Be Very Blessed,

Pastor Kevin Strite