Stirring Up the Enemy: Sermon Review

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Bottom Line Truth: When we are actively engaged in living the Christian life and establishing the Kingdom principles in our lives and around us, we will inevitably stir up the enemy and he will launch his counter-attacks. 

In Acts 19 it becomes clear that the financial gain and spiritual "power" held by those who were involved in the worship of the false goddess "Artemis" was in jeopardy. Why? Because Paul was preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and people were turning from their pagan worship ways and to the ways of Jesus. 

Any church that is actively about the business of life-transformation through the good news of Jesus will encounter a backlash. The great news is that we are overcomers in Jesus! (1 John 5:4-5)

In your relationship with God, have you had times when you felt you were in a battle? That would be appropriate because you are! Every Christian who attempts to live out our true identity in Christ and to apply that true identity to marriage, to parenting, to our work, to our everyday life, WILL indeed stir up the enemy. We should expect it and prepare for it and make plans to overcome him (because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of "our" testimony, and not loving our life even when faced with death.) Revelation 12:11

As you face the battle today and every day, I pray that God will continue to infuse you with His Holy Spirit and that you will continue to bring glory to Him as you overcome in your marriage, in your parenting, in your relationship, in your workplace, and everywhere you go.

Be Blessed

Pastor Kevin Strite

Table Talk This Week:

  1. Grounding: How grounded are you in the truth of God’s word? How influenced have you been by the false gods of “natural knowledge” and cultural “truth” vs. God himself?
  2. Ask your children to defend the veracity (accuracy) and foundations of God’s word. If you cannot defend, or they cannot, make a strategy to place the word and God’s truth deeper in your own life and in their lives.

  3. Evaluate: What do I fill my mind/belief system with most?