Leadership in the Church

But when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately.   

Acts 18:26b (NASB)

Paul was not alone in his quest to take the gospel to the world. Along the way, he worked with and raised up others to help pastor and shepherd the young churches he was planting. Priscilla and Aquilla are a great picture of that development of leaders. Arriving in Corinth having been expelled from Rome, they make a connection with Paul because they are all tent-makers. 

As they work with and grow with Paul, he eventually leaves them in Ephesus to care for the church there. 

Leaders don't just happen. They are raised up intentionally and called out to the work of the church as God confirms their gifts and callings. Where can you be more involved? Where can you connect and raise up others in the church? What are your specific gifts and skills that are needed for River Oaks to be about the work of discipling, strengthening the faith, and expanding through new believers? I hope you'll continue to prayerfully move toward finding your place of influence and leadership in the church. There is much work to do, and there are many people to reach with the good news of Jesus. Let's do it together. (Click here to listen to Sunday's message online.)

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Today at noon, let's join in prayer from wherever we are. Whether you are at work, at home, or on the road. Take some moments at NOON today to pray.

For River Oaks Church

  • Ask God to bring revival to our hearts.
  • Ask God to raise up leaders to do the work of reaching Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.
  • Ask God to prepare our hearts for every connection He has prepared for us today.
  • Ask God for provision, protection and His presence for each family today.
  • Thank God for the GLORY of the righteousness we have in JESUS!

For Our Nation

  • For leaders to stand for truth and righteousness.
  • For churches to reach the lost and transform cities/communities with God's love and grace.

Advancing started off with a great group on Sunday evening. We will continue the next three Sundays focusing on what we WILL do for and with Jesus. 

Upcoming Topics

  • August 9: "I will believe what God says about me, I AM NEW!"
  • August 16: I will initiate God-centered Relationships.
  • August 23: I will focus on the needs of others before myself.
 Ice Cream Sundaes with HOME-MADE Ice Cream: THANK YOU, Pastor Jim Ranck!

Ice Cream Sundaes with HOME-MADE Ice Cream: THANK YOU, Pastor Jim Ranck!