This Weekend at the River

Saturday Evening:

This Sunday, we will wrap up our summer series on the books of Acts. I hope you have been challenged as we've looked at the first church and the experiences they had as a new move of God on the earth. I hope you have been stirred in your own faith to dig a little deeper, give a little more, pray a little longer and expect something bigger. What difference would it make if we were to engage our own culture and world in the ways that Paul and the church leaders did in the early church? What difference could we make? What Impact?

I believe there is a much greater level of impact which God is calling us to. There are hurting families all around us. Our own families hurt from time to time in different ways. There are people who are confused. There are people totally lost and without hope. God calls us to be HIS love to each of these and all who are in need. 

During our series on Acts, Webb Hypes re-ignited our Friday morning prayer time. I'm thankful for the men who have been faithfully praying. I believe it's making a difference! This morning, one of the men told us that he has invited 10 people to church this weekend. These are people who are looking for more in their lives. People who need a place to belong and to worship. People, who like all of us, need JESUS. Would you pray with me that all 10 will come? Maybe you, too can invite someone to become a part of what God is doing at River Oaks? What is holding you back?

After the service, we will enjoy a pot-luck meal together and enjoy hearing more from our short-term team to Mongolia. Please bring two dishes to share.

Prayer at 10!

Last Sunday many more came to join us in prayer at 10:00 AM before the service. Many of you noticed the difference in our level of worship. I believe God was honored by your desire to arrive early and pray. Would you join us this weekend? Everyone is welcome to join us as we prepare our hearts to be in HIS presence and to be changed by God himself. I hope you'll join us. We meet in the "Living Room" behind the platform. If you're late, just come and join us anyhow. We'd love to see the prayer group grow.

This Sunday: Stirring Up the Enemy

We will look at how the enemy gets stirred up when he begins to see the church making an impact. Frankly, I want the enemy to know about us as a church, to have us on his radar, to be stirred up because we are so on fire for God that we are causing the enemy to lose his grip on people's lives. I want to see people's hearts encouraged, saved, set free and on fire for God. I want that for myself, and I want that for you. And, I believe God is willing if we will simply come and ask, and the do the things HE calls us to do.

 Prayer is every Sunday morning at 10:00. Please join us with your whole family.

Prayer is every Sunday morning at 10:00. Please join us with your whole family.