This weekend at the River

 "Engaging the Culture" (Acts 17:16-19)

"Engaging the Culture" (Acts 17:16-19)

Special thanks to George Yoder for encouraging us to avoid the "good quagmire" and to just rest in the IDENTITY we have in Jesus Christ (You can hear it here.).

Thank you also to John Frost for challenging us to look for that "one thing" that is continuing to stand in the way of our relationship with God. (You can hear it here.)

This weekend, we will return to the book of Acts as we discover what it takes to be a church making an IMPACT through the ACTS God releases through us. In the city of Athens, Paul encountered a culture that left his spirit provoked! Everywhere he looked he saw idols to false gods. His spirit couldn't take it, but interestingly, he didn't lash out in judgment but took the time to engage, learn and observe. This week, we'll look at how Paul shared the truth with a culture that had NO acknowledgment of the one true God. God is continuing to challenge us in our own culture, the very culture which previously held God and his ways in high regard. We have the same opportunity today. When our spirits are provoked by the evil and godlessness we see around us, how will we engage so that we have an opportunity to bring the truth and the love of God to those who so desperately need him? We hope to see you there, and we look forward to a refreshing time in God's presence, and in God's word together.

 Special thanks to Ray Burkholder and Steve Davis for creating a welcome table for the front foyer!

Special thanks to Ray Burkholder and Steve Davis for creating a welcome table for the front foyer!

 Let's Pray

Let's Pray

Thank you for continuing to pray! Please remember the following in your prayer times this week.

Mission Mongolia 2015

  • Steve Davis
  • Elyssa Ranck
  • Pastor Kevin Strite

Doug and Kris Christophel

July 18-27 will be in Japan to facilitate ministry with the World Race.

For River Oaks Church

  • Revival in our Hearts
  • Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
  • IMPACTing our families, city, nation and the world.
  • Reaching out
 Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

You can have an IMPACT

We have an opportunity to reach out and make an impact on our city. In August we have the chance to minister at the Blessed Sacrament Soup Kitchen. If you are interested please talk to Rita Eby.

Advancing in August

ADVANCING will be having events every Sunday in August. Please mark down the dates on your calendar and stay tuned for more details in the upcoming weeks.


Baptisms are being planned in August. If you are interested, please let Evan know as soon as possible.