This Weekend at the River

 John Frost sharing at River Oaks in December

John Frost sharing at River Oaks in December

Guest Speaker This Week:

We are blessed to have John Frost as our guest speaker this Sunday. John shared a powerful message with us back in December, and we are looking forward to what God has to share through John this weekend. 

Pastor Kevin is on vacation this week, but will be back for the weeks of July 12 and 19 before heading to Mongolia. Please pray for him and his family as they rest and spend time together. 


Invite Someone to River Oaks Church

Thanks to William Zodhiates, we now have invitation cards available. Please pick up a handful at church this weekend and then get the word out. 

All of us have someone who needs a church family and who needs Jesus. People we meet during the day, people we haven't even thought of. Let's do this.

Everyone is Welcome at the River!