This Weekend at the River

When Paul arrived in Athens his spirit was provoked by the false god worship all around. Instead of launching into a tirade and declaring the paganism of the culture, Paul observed, listened, engaged and found an entry to share the truth about Jesus

While all of us could do a better job of listening (especially in our culture), the fact is that at some point we need to tell the truth about the meaning of this life, about the God who created all things, about the judgement that is coming to every human, and about salvation that can be found only in Jesus Christ. 

Last Sunday, Evan and Chris shared a humorous look at the way "discussions" tend to take place these days. While I hope you were able to do some review on your own listening skills this week, the truth is that we all need to brush up on our "telling" skills as well. God has saved us by His grace. He has made us his children. He has called us to be his representatives on the earth. Are we telling anyone else the good news?

Penn Jillette, a somewhat famous comedian and athiest, has an extremely poignant video online concerning whether Christians should proselytize. We'll watch it Sunday as well, but you can get ahead by watching it here. Bottom line, at some point, we have got to get around to "Telling the Truth" about Jesus!

We are looking forward to a great morning of refreshment in the RIVER of life flowing from God's throne. I am praying that God will open the floodgates and refresh all of us with His presence, His word, and His Spirit! Come expecting Jesus.

Thank you for continuing to pray! Please remember the following in your prayer times this week.

Mission Mongolia 2015

  • Steve Davis
  • Elyssa Ranck
  • Pastor Kevin Strite

Doug and Kris Christophel

July 18-27 will be in Japan to facilitate ministry with the World Race.

For River Oaks Church

  • Revival in our Hearts
  • Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
  • IMPACTing our families, city, nation and the world.
  • Reaching out

Coming Up...

You can have an IMPACT

We have an opportunity to reach out and make an impact on our city. In August we have the chance to minister at the Blessed Sacrament Soup Kitchen. If you are interested please talk to Rita Eby.

Advancing in August 

ADVANCING will be having events every Sunday in August. Please mark down the dates on your calendar. Our theme will be "I Will" as we focus on growing in Christ.


Baptisms are being planned in August. If you are interested, please let Evan know as soon as possible.