Turning the world Upside-Down

 Click the image to listen online or to download audio and notes.

Click the image to listen online or to download audio and notes.

On Sunday, we looked at four keys to Paul's ministry in Thessalonica (and I propose everywhere he ministered). If we are going to be known as people who turn the world upside-down, these four keys (From 1 Thess. 1:5) will help us to become more effective and to grow into world-changers.

  1. Know the Word (Tell the Good News). Paul knew the good news he was sharing. It was in him and it just came out. Do we really know the good news? Do we know how to share it? Can we make it real and relevant for those who need to hear? A good question you can ask yourself is this, "Do I KNOW what the good news is and what it means to me?"
  2. Show the Power. In the current TV series, A.D. The Bible Continues, I loved the scene when Philip performs a miracle in Samaria. He simply walks in front of the crowd and says to Simon the Sorcerer, "May I try?" How bold are we with the power of the gospel? Are we walking with the Holy Spirit so that we, too, might say to a co-worker, "May I try? I'd like to ask God for a miracle of healing/provision/something else for you."
  3. Embrace the Holy Spirit. How well do we know the voice of the Holy Spirit? How much time to we spend listening, learning, growing in Him? The more we know the Spirit, the more likely we will be to have an effective ministry into the lives of those around us. 
  4. Operate in full assurance. All of us can and should be more "sure" of our own security we have in Jesus Christ. When we fail, when we sin, we must always fall back on the Amazing Grace of Jesus Christ. His Grace was sufficient on the day of salvation and it is sufficient today. We should be Christians who walk with FULL assurance of righteousness because of JESUS! This brings us confidence to continue sharing the Good News, and, by the way, this IS the good news for us every day.

Let's continue to pray that God will empower us and make us ALIVE in the SPIRIT so that we, like the apostles of Acts will make a GOD impact on our families, our city, our nation and the nations of the world! 

Praying God will Empower you Today,

Pastor Kevin Strite