This Weekend at the River

Rick and Anji will be sharing with us during our Sunday morning worship service. Everyone is Welcome!

We are excited to have Rick and Anji Zook with us this coming Sunday! Rick and Anji will be sharing with us their fascinating story of faithful ministry over the past ten years in Papua New Guinea. You won't want to miss the story of their mission experience.  Rick and Anji have spent their years learning a new language and writing it down. Following that, they created literacy materials for the Lusi tribe. And finally, they are in the process of translating the Bible into the native tongue of this precious tribe they have been called to reach with God's good news!

For the past several months, we have been studying Paul's mission work in the books of Acts. This Sunday, we get to hear the story of a modern day "Pauls" who are still going and sharing the good news. 

We expect it to be a great morning!

Invite your friends to join us for our morning worship and celebration.