River Oaks Leadership "Retreat"

River Oaks Leadership Team: Steve Davis, Pastor Jim Ranck, Evan Strite, Webb Hypes, Jim Eby, Rita Eby

Last evening, our leadership team met for a "mini-retreat" to review our history, evaluate our present, and dream together about the future God has for River Oaks. 

I am so grateful for the wisdom and leadership of this team and we look forward to sharing with you the places we believe God is at work and will continue to work. 

Our deepest heart desire is to see the life of JESUS flow freely among us. To call us to deeper places of worship and of wholeness/transformation in Him. As He works in and through us, we are praying and believing that He is also preparing others who will come to know Him and will need to be discipled in knowing and loving Him more. 

We look forward to the ways God is going to use each of us, and each of you in ministry in the coming months and years. And, we believe, that by His grace, we will make HIS name known in our families, in our city, in this nation and the nations of the world.