Investing for Maximum Impact

Investing for Impact

Most of you should have received a letter last week detailing our desire to receive two-year commitments to the Capital Fund. We wish to make an IMPACT as a church by finishing space in this building and by giving funds back to NLMI for other churches who find themselves in need during transitions. 

Below are the specifics for you to continue prayerfully considering. We will begin receiving pledges for this Capital Fund project on Sunday, June 7. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, or Jim Eby, or Webb Hypes.

Thank you!
The Elders


Giving Back and “Paying it Forward” ($25,000):

As a part of our renovation and expansion, NLMI (New Life Ministries International, our church network) has given us $25,000 through a covenant agreement. This funding allowed us to get into a new space and enabled extra funds to cover the renovations and new expenses. We are so grateful for a network that is there to help the churches find and establish their “footprint” in their given city. We are inviting you to pay this forward (Back to NLMI) so that another church can experience the same blessings.


Finishing for Strengthening: (Est Cost - $5000)

The space in the back of the building is currently unusable. The area is available but not useful for ministry. We need to renovate that space for fellowship events, serving coffee, food preparation for special events, Bible studies, small group meetings, children's ministry, training events, special meals, etc. We would like to finish the space and call it the “Family Room”. This space would be conducive to smaller gatherings/seminars. It would also be a more intimate space for people like AVA care who need space for 10-15 persons. We would use the space for our smaller gatherings as well as available for community ministries to use. We would also create counter space for a small “warming area”, used for fellowship meals. Ministries within our church and available to the community would grow from the expansion of this finished space.

Establishing our Identity: (Estimated Cost - $2500)

River Oaks Church: We feel God's timing and leading in giving us a new name and greater identity. We are grateful for the profound blessing in God's calling us to a deeper level in knowing Him and in knowing who He has called our body to become. We look forward to fulfilling His purposes for us individually and corporately.  As our elder team has sensed, "New Life" is who we were when God formed us into a new body, "River Oaks" identifies us as who He has established us to be. With that calling, we have a responsibility to represent who we are in Christ to the community. 

Unfortunately, we have had out of town visitors, and local attendees experience difficulty in finding our location and determining meeting times. Proper signs are needed to identify and verify this.

We want to place flags at our Burgess Road entrance, we need signs on entrance doors to communicate meeting times, and we need an overhead church name sign.

While we do not yet have exact costs for a building front sign, a medium range cost is over $2500 along with the cost of smaller flags and door sign

Total for full IMPACT: $32,500

While that number seems large to most of us, in reality we can do it through God's provision to us. Not every household can increase their giving by the same amount. Some can give what is for them a sacrificial gift while others can give a larger number. Our collective giving is the greater aspect, not the size of the individual donation. For example, if we were to AVERAGE a monthly contribution of $50 per current household/individual, we would raise over $50,000 in two years. We realize that not every family or individual will be giving $50 a month, but we also realize that God can prosper every household to give something. Our goal is to see every person/household giving something over the next two years toward this Capital Fund. Everything raised over the current need will remain a part of the capital fund and will be available for any upkeep on the current building as well as any future consideration of properties and buildings.