We Wished!

 "We Wished..."  (From  "The Legend of the Candy Cane"  by lori walburg)

"We Wished..."  (From "The Legend of the Candy Cane" by lori walburg)

The Christmas Story: The Greatest Story!

The story of Jesus coming has all of the elements of every great story. It is truly the greatest story of love ever told! Jesus came and unbeknownst to many, fulfilled the deepest wish of every heart. 

He is the fulfillment of every wish, of every hope, of the deepest longings of every human heart. We are born, longing for a savior, needing someone to make us "right with God", and when we find JESUS that deep need and longing is filled. Longing and Hoping don't end there, however. Jesus came to set captives free. He came to bring new life and new hope. He came to bring health, hope and a reason for life itself. 

What are you "wishing for" right now? What are you hoping for? Have you turned those over to Jesus? Asked him to fulfill the needs of your life? 

Evaluating the Old Year

As 2015 winds down and we celebrate another year, I encourage you to take time to evaluate your "wishes". Ask yourself this question, "What can God be for me in this season, that he could not be in any other season?" How does God want to bring new revelation of HIMSELF into your life? Into your family? Into your everyday circumstances? 

Looking forward to the New Year

In 2016, we look forward to beginning the year with Prayer and Fasting. January 11-31, each of you is invited to join in a 21 day Daniel Fast. The focus of our fasting and praying will simply be to LISTEN. What is God trying to say that we've been too busy to listen to? How is he wanting to guide us and lead us as individuals, families, and a church? 

There is information about the Daniel fast here, and here. I encourage you to read and study and prepare to be a part of this critical beginning to the new year. 

Galatians - Walk in the Spirit

After our time of fasting and prayer, we will spend time studying in the book of Galatians and learning how to live and walk "In the Spirit".  

Galatians 5:18 says, "But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law. " 

We need to learn how to be led by, and to LIVE by the SPIRIT. That is our prayer as we begin 2016.

The Art of Marriage Weekend

We also look forward to a very special weekend in February. Our IMPACT team is working hard to plan an "Art of Marriage" weekend. It is going to be a very profound weekend, and I encourage you to make plans now to be a part of it. I know you will be blessed!

Click the image to learn more about the weekend, or go HERE for more information. Registration will begin in January.

 CLick here to sign up for the talent show and to get more info on our New Year's Eve celebration

CLick here to sign up for the talent show and to get more info on our New Year's Eve celebration

There is plenty more to share as we enter 2016. Let's begin by celebrating together on New Year's Eve. The IMPACT team has a great evening planned and we hope to see many of you there as we play, pray, worship and celebrate together.

Prayers and Blessings,

Pastor Kevin Strite