Love Revealed by the Holy Spirit

This past weekend we may have been surprised when we read the following:

"But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law." Eph. 5:18

and this:

"For all who are being led by the SPirit of God, these are the sons of God." Rom. 8:14

Called to a Spirit-Filled and Spirit-Led Life

As we looked at the life of Simeon and the testimony of his Spirit-led life, we were challenged to renew our own engagement with the Holy Spirit. Living a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led life is necessary to remain free from the Law and to fully embrace the salvation that comes in Jesus. 

Our daily pursuit should be more about relating to the Holy Spirit than about doing all the right stuff. The truth is, if we would learn to hear the voice of the Spirit and if we would walk in obedience to HIM, we would end up doing the "right stuff" because the Spirit of God knows the mind of God and reveals that mind to all who will listen! 

Simeon's life reminds us to pursue God and His Spirit so that we walk in tune with the life Jesus has mapped out for us. 

This week, this Christmas week, may I encourage you to spend some moments reflecting on the revelation found in Jesus birth. The revelation that we have a Father who loves us. The revelation that He came to save us. And then, the revelation that He ascended back to heaven and sent the Holy Spirit for us to be able to live with Him now and in eternity! How is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? Are you hearing his voice clear and often? I pray that you will draw near to the Holy Spirit as you prepare to enter the new year. He is ready for you, are you ready for Him?

Homework This Week:

  1. Pray to be re-filled with the Spirit (TODAY)
  2. Ask God to help you re-connect with the Spirit (EACH DAY)
  3. Spend time Re-calling and Re-membering what the Spirit has done for you. (Tell your Story to someone)