This Weekend at the River: The "Love Nots"

We are nearly half-way through our 40 Days of Love! In our small groups and in our Sunday morning services, we have been challenged to take up Jesus' principles of relationships. And guess what, it's hard! It's always hard to confront our old selfish patterns and to take up the loving patterns of Jesus. But, with HIS help, we can do this, we can become more loving. 

On Sunday, we'll discover some special "LOVE NOTS" that we can use when dealing with the VDP's in our life. VDP's being defined as, "Very Draining People", and we all have plenty around us! I look forward to seeing you Sunday and continuing our study of LOVE! 

Raise Up the Warriors!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've heard a few of you comment on the "pushback" you are feeling as we are pressing through these 40 days together. Again, it's always expected that positive change, laying down our lives, will be met by trials sent to discourage us. And yet, JESUS has overcome! Jesus has won, and Jesus has been given ALL authority. 

The word that God seems to keep speaking to me is to "Raise up the Warriors". We are not in a battle with other people, we are in a spiritual battle that has been going on for generations! God seems to be saying, take up the authority you have in Jesus and begin to do battle for my glory. That battle starts with PRAYER. I wonder if you feel the draw to join the battle with more intensity? I have been so grateful for the few who have consistently come for prayer on Friday mornings. We always leave encouraged and built up, ready to face the day. We need to be praying daily in our homes. We need to cover every family of the church in prayer. We need to pray for our city. We need to pray for our children. We just need to pray, and to fight the battle in the spirit! 

I want to encourage you to "pick up the pace" of your own prayer life. Wherever you are, add some to it. If you pray daily, begin to pray multiple times daily. If you never pray, begin to pray. If you pray sometimes, make daily prayer a habit. Together, we will become the loving people God has called us to be when we engage in the true battle and WIN with JESUS in prayer. 

If you'd like to join us for prayer on Friday mornings, we'd love to have you. We meet from 6:30 - 7:30 at the church. 

I also want to remind you to come and join in pre-service prayer each Sunday at 10:00

Church, let's rise up and be the warriors God has called us to be. 


Pastor Kevin