40 Days of Love (Quote for the Day)

Learning to Love with our Words

This past Sunday, we talked about loving with our words. Perhaps one of the easiest place to fail in being a loving person is in our communication. In today's chapter from "The Relationship Principles of Jesus", author, Tom Holladay shares this startling reality when it comes to the complexities of communication:

Communication experts say that the words we speak to others can actually produce six distinct messages:

• what you mean to say

• what you actually say

• what the other person hears

• what the other person thinks he hears

• what the other person says about what you said

• what you think the other person said about what you said*

Holladay, Tom; Holladay, Tom (2009-01-06). The Relationship Principles of Jesus (Kindle Locations 1501-1506). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. 

Whoa! Some of us have enough trouble being loving with our words without the reality of all of those avenues for confusion and mis-communication. The reality is that communication can be very difficult and treacherous. But we're not left hopeless, and the author gives us a key principle to work toward to make our communication as effective as possible. 

He goes on to say:

You cannot have high-quality communication without high-level trust.

Holladay, Tom; Holladay, Tom (2009-01-06). The Relationship Principles of Jesus (Kindle Locations 1549-1550). Zondervan. Kindle Edition. 

Trust is earned over time by such things as:

  1. Speaking with honesty and truth.
  2. Keeping a promise.
  3. Speaking up instead of staying silent.

None of which are necessarily easy, but all of which each of us can strive for. Like everything else in our 40 days, the truth is we simply can NOT do any of these things. We do, however, have a savior and Lord, Jesus Christ who is able and willing to empower us and to enable us to live a loving life. He (Jesus) is willing to help you today to improve your communication so that what you say, the words you speak, will become loving and encouraging and building words. 

I pray that all of us will find Jesus today enabling us to love with the words we speak.

Pastor Kevin Strite